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Round wood high temperature heat treatment equipment

Round wood high temperature heat treatment equipment

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  • Date of release:2018/09/06
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Detailed introduction

Round wood high temperature heat treatment equipment

Round wood high temperature heat treatment equipment is a physical modification technology that puts wood into high temperature, oxygen-free or hypoxic environment for a period of heat treatment. The wood produced in this way is called carbonized wood, which is commonly known as wood carbonization technology. The carbonization temperature is usually 160-240 degrees, which is different from conventional wood drying methods and traditional charcoal burning methods.

The carbonization of wood is accompanied by the loss of mechanical strength as well as the improvement of corrosion resistance and dimensional stability. The dry shrinkage and wet expansion resistance of wood is increased by 40% and the static bending strength is reduced by 20%. The density was reasonably distributed, and the surface hardness and wear resistance were significantly increased compared with untreated wood.

The carbonization process of wood can be divided into three steps.

1) heating stage, including preheating, high temperature drying and re heating.

2) heat treatment stage;

3) cooling and balancing stage.

In addition to the standard equipment, Saint IDA can customize the equipment according to the customer's site and wood specifications. Customers can make requests according to their needs, and make the most suitable equipment for different actual situations. To meet the specific needs of customers.

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