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Wood vacuum drying equipment

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Wood vacuum drying equipment

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Detailed introduction

Wood vacuum drying equipment

Wood vacuum drying equipment is to dry the wood in a sealed container, drying below atmospheric pressure, speed up the movement of moisture inside the wood to the surface of the wood. In the process of continuous heating of wood, vacuum system is used to eliminate the air in drying chamber to avoid the influence of air. The vaporization temperature in drying chamber decreases. The wood time is usually about 30 mm thin plate only 24 hours, about 50 mm plate only 72 hours, about 60-70 mm plate only 96 hours, compared with the conventional drying time. It has been shortened by 5-15 times.


1. green drying. It can concentrate on treating harmful substances discharged from wood for drying.

2. the quality of drying is stable. The equipment avoids the temperature gradient difference caused by steam, no bending, deformation, cracking, surface hardening, color change and other phenomena. Some bent wood can be straightened by hot pressing and drying.

3. drying energy consumption is low. Vacuum drying technology can be called energy saving drying technology. Compared with conventional equipment, the internal water vapor temperature decreases, the drying cycle shortens about 5-15 times, and it is more advantageous for dense and Difficult-to-dry wood.

4. flexible operation. The operation is simple, convenient and easy to understand.

5. easy installation. The equipment has small footprint, simple installation and convenient transportation.

Design sketch:

Effect diagram of wood vacuum drying equipment

In addition to the standard equipment, Saint IDA can customize the equipment according to the customer's site and wood specifications. Customers can make requests according to their needs, and make the most suitable equipment for different actual situations. To meet the specific needs of customers.

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