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High temperature heat treatment equipment

High temperature heat treatment equipment

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  • Date of release:2018/09/06
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Detailed introduction

High temperature heat treatment equipment

The principle of high temperature heat treatment equipment is to use hemicellulose which has strong hygroscopicity to degrade wood to produce furfural and other substances under high temperature and low pressure, so that the hydrogen bond between wood molecules and water molecules is reduced, at the same time, the concentration of wood hydroxyl and the ability to exchange water molecules with the outside world are reduced, and the mechanism of water adsorption of wood is changed. And water absorption decreased. Degreasing and degreasing were realized synchronously under high temperature, and the nutritional components of wood were destroyed. Fungi, insects, termites and Longicorns in sawn wood were eliminated, and the food chain of harmful fungi was blocked, thus ensuring the stability and weatherability of sawn wood. Modified sawn wood can prolong the service life of wood without reducing the insulation performance and mechanical strength of wood.

In addition to the standard equipment, Saint IDA can customize the equipment according to the customer's site and wood specifications. Customers can make requests according to their needs, and make the most suitable equipment for different actual situations. To meet the specific needs of customers.

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