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Wood high temperature heat treatment equipment meets the technical needs of different products.

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Wood high temperature heat treatment equipment meets the technical needs of different products.

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Wood high temperature heat treatment equipment has a unique advantage for wood secondary drying or water balance, according to different wood species, Baidu and different moisture content, secondary drying can be completed in a few hours to more than ten hours, and energy consumption is small.

It can be applied to different scale solid wood furniture manufacturers, reducing the timber storage time, wood turnover speed, flexibility, equipment occupies a small area, save production space, while reducing the financial pressure, for small-scale furniture has a very unique advantage. Wood vacuum drying tank is available in all kinds of customers.

The cooking temperature and time should be controlled according to the hardness of tree species and wood, and the thickness of planing veneer should be controlled. The higher the hardness, the higher the temperature, and the longer the cooking time. There is also a steam cooking method, this is a relatively simple wood processing method, but also in recent years more popular. Zhucheng Antai machinery has made wood cooking pot after years of research on wood properties.

Specific models can be customized according to user requirements, which can meet the technical needs of different products to the maximum. The equipment is easy to operate, can realize automatic control, open the door flexible and convenient, safe and efficient use, energy-saving, environmental protection and pollution-free, treatment effect is obviously better than other equipment, is the most widely used, processing treatment effect of the best wood equipment. It can be designed and customized individually according to the different wood and technical requirements of customers, so as to meet the demand of products to the maximum.

Microwave materials not only play an important role in connecting or separating circuit lines and grounding wires on circuit boards, but also have to diffuse heat to shorten the lifetime of components. In addition, even if the new design calls for greater power and thermal stability, the material must also support the long-term stability of the circuit at different temperatures. In order to support future designs, materials are becoming more and more complex and are expected to provide higher thermal conductivity, lower loss and other improvements.

High temperature heat treatment equipment for wood

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