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Advantages of high temperature heat treatment equipment for wood

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Advantages of high temperature heat treatment equipment for wood

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Wood high-temperature heat treatment equipment such as CNC system, now many of the equipment will use advanced CNC system, that is, by looking at the relevant instruments. Through this instrument to observe the temperature in the wood carburizing tank, including its utilization rate, the use of flame retardants and so on, these can be very good to control.

For example, it uses German imported control instruments to ensure precise and reliable control. If he can't control the temperature very well during the process of using this kind of Wood Carbonization tank, the staff will be less efficient in operation and use it very slowly.

Every kind of Wood Carbonization tank must pay attention to its technical parameters during its use. Because of different workplaces, the quality of wood treated every day, including the quantity of wood, is not necessarily. Where the General Factory is larger, we choose some specifications with larger tank area and larger capacity. This will be more cost-effective to use, the amount of processing, the daily benefits will be reflected. This is more in line with some work processes used in different places, including his work tasks.

Oxygen welding torch is used to roast, so that the surface of the wood has a very thin carbonization layer, the change of wood properties can be analogous to wood paint, but can highlight the surface of concave and convex wood grain, resulting in a three-dimensional effect. The application focuses on handicrafts, decoration materials and aquarium products. Also known as craft charcoal wood, charcoal burning wood. Deep carbonized anticorrosive wood is widely used in wallboard, outdoor floor, kitchen decoration, Sanna room decoration, furniture and many other aspects. But it is not recommended for contact with water and soil.


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