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Kaiyuan Sheng Yida wood drying equipment Co., Ltd.

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Kaiyuan Shengyida Wood Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of wood drying equipment, wood high temperature heat treatment equipment and wood impregnation(steaming) equipment and other wood products processing equipment manufacturers, the company has a number of experienced design, production, sales and service teams, gathered a number of like-minded Industry experts and technical personnel. Because of passion, dream and responsibility, they came together to form a professional, efficient, cohesive and innovative team. Based on high and new technology and professional quality, we devote ourselves to the exploration and innovation of wood drying industry at home and abroad. With its unique business model, we devote ourselves to creating "high-tech wood processing equipment manufacturers" to provide customers with high-quality and low-cost products and fast service.

In the process of enterprise growth, we also cross the river by feeling the stones, exploring and practicing. After many failures, according to the definition of water content, the company's scientific researchers finally put forward a weighing method to test the principle of the first in China. This method is proved to be a practical method. It is not affected by temperature and is monitored entirely according to the definition of moisture content (the invention has been patented). The emergence of this high-tech drying equipment, wood processing industry has been recognized immediately, and by the favor of customers. High-tech, reasonable price, excellent quality, fast delivery, perfect service, good reputation will certainly let you enjoy a different experience. It is far from enough for a mature enterprise to be famous.

With advanced design concepts and production techniques, and relying on technologically advanced control systems, we can reduce the costs of sales, design, production and installation on the premise of selecting high-quality raw materials. Strictly control the waste of raw materials, improve product quality, reduce unnecessary operational links, reduce the cost to very low.

The special mode of production enables each process to coordinate with each other, achieve rapid order production, greatly improve the production cycle, and provide customers with superior, fast delivery time.

The trouble-free services provided by Sheng Yida include six major service systems: design and production, equipment configuration, equipment transportation, equipment installation, training and guidance, after-sales service, which can ensure that the users will never worry.

Maturity is a bright but not dazzling brilliance, a thick, unspoken height. This is a young and stable knowledge-based team, looking forward to your choice.