Kaiyuan Shengyida Wood Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of wood drying equipment, wood high temperature heat treatment equipment and wood impregnation(steaming) equipment and other wood products processing equipment manufacturers, the company has a group of experienced design, production, sales and service team, gathered a number of like-minded Industry experts and technical personnel. Because of passion, dream and responsibility, they came together and formed a professional, effective, cohesive and innovative team. 


"Starting from the ideal, achieving today" [Saint Ida] has been through many years, and has not stopped the pace of struggle.

"Growing up in struggle and struggling in growth" has become the resonance of Saint Yida.

From a single product to professional diversification.

Company cultrue

To unite the four seas and heart, art exhibition and Swan ambition "

Saint Yida makes everyone's experience different.

Everyone of Saint Yida achieved.

The different splendor of Saint IDA.

Saint Ida Let man shoulder not only responsibility, but also an upward spirit, a national upholding.

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